Instagram Stories will now have interactive tags for surveys

Instagram continues to add new tools to the Stories feature, which will now allow the use of surveys through an interactive sticker. In this way, users will be able to ask a question and interact directly with Stories publications beyond the direct messages.

Surveys on Instagram Stories are based on a customizable digital tag that can be placed within the publication. The results of the survey are available in real time for the author and also for the followers of the account, once they have made their choice.

If you want to see the results again, users only have to re-access the story and, with a gesture from the bottom up, you can see the survey data again in Stories, where you can also see who chose one or the other option.

All data, like history, will be removed from the platform after 24 hours. The survey feature in Stories will be available in version 16 and later for applications available in Apple App Store and Play stores

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