GM plans to launch 20 electric vehicles by 2023

General Motors today offered a preview of the future, revealing three models that could be among the 20 all-new all-electric vehicles it will launch in 2023.

The first two electric vehicles will be launched in the next 18 months, said GM, and will be based on learning from the Chevrolet Bolt EV, which went on sale about 10 months ago. Although GM did not provide details on upcoming models, it showed reporters three different concepts: a sports crossover, a larger van, and a square vehicle that looks more like public transportation to cities. The three models were among nine vehicles covered with blankets at the GM design dome at its technical campus in Warren, Michigan.

“There is more to come,” was the common response to questions from many reporters.

GM executives took a look at the company’s strategy for the future by saying that its “zero-emission electric roadmap” will require both electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

While the new models will be based on the Bolt’s platform, Pam Fletcher, chief executive officer of electric vehicles, showed a vision of the next generation of GM’s electric vehicle platform, which is being developed from scratch and said the multi-brand electrification strategy will focus on electric crossovers and SUVs, the current heart of the market.

“We go much further than we would expect,” said Fletcher, standing in front of the series of covered vehicles.

GM has also been busy developing next generation hydrogen fuel cells in association with Honda and said its first commercial vehicle with such technology will be available in 2020. A Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 with hydrogen fuel cells is currently evaluated by the Army of The United States and has received favorable reviews for its stealth operation and instant acceleration, GM executives said.

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