Gasolinas to drop one cent on Tuesday

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) reported that tomorrow, the cost of Magna and Premium gasolines will fall by one cent, while diesel will maintain its price, compared to the current prices of the weekend.

The maximum cost for Magna and Premium gasolines as well as diesel will be 16.63, 18.36 and 17.51 pesos per liter, respectively, while the minimum will be at 15.36, 17.07 and 16.23 pesos per liter, in the same order, agreement with the regulatory body.

This Tuesday, in Mexico City, the maximum cost of Magna gas will be 16.23 pesos and 18.14 for Premium, while diesel will be sold up to 16.90 pesos per liter, while the minimum will be placed at 16.17 for the Magna, 18.09 in the Premium and 16.84 pesos in the case of diesel.

For Aguascalientes, the lowest prices will be 16.20, 17.89 and 17.05 pesos per liter in Magna, Premium and diesel, in that order, while the highest prices will be 16.42, 18.12 and 17.33 pesos for each of the fuels.

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